You’re the Top!

To our authors and others who have shared their stories with us:

First: Just a note to say thanks to our author Nikki Smith, who always notices before anyone else when Beyond Belief gets an accolade. This week, she saw that our book was in the low numbers on the Amazon 100 list. As of this writing we’re at #5!

When I (Cami) saw the link to Amazon on facebook (on Donna Johnson’s page, actually), I was reminded once again of what a privilege it is to be in the company of so many courageous and creative women.

I think about all of you as we turn the corner into a season of holidays. Holidays are the mainstay of many religions and what to do with them now is a question for many of us who have left communities that celebrated together. For some, nothing has changed in the way the days are marked, but the meanings have shifted. Whatever connection you have to your winter holidays, may this be a season of peace. Thank you for being in my life (and I know Susan feels the same) and for sharing your collective wisdom with one another and with the world.

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