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goodreadsSusan Tive  

A recovering ghostwriter, Susan Tive is letting her  own voice do the talking in her nearly completed memoir Woman of Valor, the occasionally  humorous tale of a twenty something wife and  mother who chucks her fashionable freedoms and  blue jeans to become an Orthodox Jew. Hopeful that the archaic laws of her ancestors can save her marriage, Susan chafes against the mundane rules as she searches to find herself as a wife, a Jew and a woman. Strength and support come from unexpected people and  places as Susan learns that sometimes breaking the rules is the only way to truly follow them.

As a writer, editor and researcher for over fourteen years, Susan has worked on a variety of academic articles exploring psychology, feminism and religion. Susan’s interest in these subjects led her to become an editor for several non-fiction titles including Faith and Feminism and Rachel’s Bag. Her apparition-like involvement in these projects inspired the unearthing of her own stories, collected in boxes of journals and diaries dating back to elementary school days.

Broadening her writing skills still further and determined to make a living as some kind of writer Susan works as a grant writer and development consultant. She lives in Bellingham, Washington, a place she loves but would prefer to live in only during the growing season. With her husband, Michael she is learning to brave the NW weather and play in her garden, delighting in its fruits, no longer forbidden in her life.

Cami Ostman

Cami grew up in the Seattle area in a noisy, blue-collar family. The craziness of her childhood drove her to look for solidity and structure outside of her household. She found what she was looking for in church. There she learned the rules about being a woman in a patriarchal institution, and there she was dutifully married as a virgin at age twenty-three. For many years she closed her mind to questions that were bubbling under the surface of her smile. Eventually, she had to ask herself questions about her role as a woman, about the sadness she saw in the world, and about the legitimacy of asking for happiness out of life. These questions could remained dormant no more.

Cami earned her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from Seattle Pacific University. This is when she began her work as a psychotherapist. She found her passion in supporting people coming to terms with losses in their lives and discovering new and empowered aspects of themselves. The collision of her personal and professional journeys culminated in the discovery of running as a great teacher, and, ultimately, in a new perspective on life that she now shares with others in therapy, in her writings, and in lectures.

Cami has a special interest in helping women going through transitional periods as they create experiences that will help them live more authentically and freely. Her first book, Second Wind: One Woman’s Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents was published by Seal Press in November, 2010. She is the author of the blog 7marathons7continents.com and has been featured in O Magazine, Adventures Northwest, Fitness Magazine, The Mudgee Guardian (Australia), and La Prensa (Chile). She lives in Bellingham, Washington with her four-legged creatures and her husband.

One thought on “About the Editors

  1. Dear Susan and Cami,

    I was THRILLED when two lovely copies of the book late last week. I’ve had been sick with this winter’s endless flu ,then minor surgery and so laying low at home for the past six weeks. Seeing this religilicious tome in print was the best possible tonic. I am so enjoying reading the stories by my fellow contributors. It’s fantastic. You two wonderwomen have done a brilliant job. Thanks again.

    I’d be happy to be involved in any of the site’s conversations. Let me know if that would be useful.

    Warmest regards and in appreciation,

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